Champagne Seconde Simon

Champagne Grand Cru Winegrower and Winemaker

Our Wine House

The story began in 1983 when Jean-Luc Secondé, the son of a winegrower from the Champagne region, decided to create a wine domaine in the village of Ambonnay in the heart of the Montagne de Reims vineyards.

He was helped by his wife Catherine and the domaine initially had 50 ares of vines as well as a further 1.3 hectares on a sharecropping basis. The wine domaine has since grown considerably and now covers 6 hectares of exclusively Grand Cru vineyards which give birth to champagnes with a very powerful identity.

The reins at Secondé-Simon have now been passed on to Jérôme Bôle, Jean-Luc and Catherine Secondé’s son-in-law, who is assisted in the vinification work by his son, Nicolas Secondé, who is also an oenologist. 

This expert in sparkling wines works for numerous wine domaines in France and abroad. His valuable expertise ensures the preservation of the unique style of champagnes produced by Secondé-Simon. 

Our cuvées are perfect for aperitifs, gastronomic dishes and are of course the ideal partner for your celebrations and events. Our Grand Cru collection includes the following cuvées:
- Cuvée Nuance
- Cuvée Variation
- Cuvée Mélodie
- Cuvée Euphonie
- Cuvée Le Village
- Cuvée Imagine
- Cuvée Arabesque

Champagne Seconde Simon